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  • Dr. John Zrelak

    "I have been a client of Mike George and having been to many personal trainers, Mike is the best. Mike's facility is state of the art and the results you will get will be a great investment in your health and fitness."

  • Terry Athas

    "Mike is one of those rare individuals that continues to get better at his craft every year, never resting on his laurels. Mike stays abreast of new and innovative ideas without subjecting to a fad mentality. "

  • Bruce Hanson

    "Mike cares about you as an individual. There's no "one size" approach from Mike. He demonstrates the highest level of integrity, care and concern. If you're looking for motivation and results, work with Mike!"

  • Robert Briggs

    "Dr Mike Morgenstern: a profound, humorous, discerning, informative, multi tasking paragon of wellness. Bravo for you to know and resurrect such a human.  I am touched by your masterful vision. "

  • Trail Z

    "Mike George knows the muscle system profoundly, and knows how to optimize muscle's functioning. Mike explains everything he sees, and does (which I love). He has been extremely helpful to me over the last month, and given me an understanding of how my exercises are working and not working. He's also given me a new set of exercises specifically designed to strengthen my weaker areas."

1995 - 2014